Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Badass Brood of Jedi

Finally getting my holloween photos up!
Everyone got REALLY into their roles.

As always, Cosmo gets to be the animal or mascot. In this case - - the Master.
Whitby loved being Ahsoka (and loved putting on make-up).
Canon was very serious about being Anakin.
And Creighton got to bust out his legit light saber replica. Obi Wan at his best.


Chelsea said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Nik, they are definitely badass. And did you dress up? The Alexanders are the COOLEST!
I love you! Thanks for posting these!

shannon said...

Sooo precious. I can't believe Cos is Yoda. What a little muffin he is. Yes, do tell, Nik... did you dress up... do you have proof?

ziondreamer said...

I actually had to work that night. Bummer!
I would have rocked it old school with Princess Leia.

Janelle said...

Ahhhh... the militia!!!