Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving - from the ranch

The children and I drove down to "Papa's Ranch" for the holiday. Thanksgiving at the ranch is a special tradition for us.
Papa cooks breakfast for us every morning and Kimaw's Thanksgiving day feast is delectable.
There are always out-doorsy activities for us to do. We take long walks, play on hay bales, climb on lichen laced boulders, and search for wildlife. Last year, we shot clay pigeons. This year, we're going fishing.
Earlier today, we went down to the barn with Papa to try and figure out what type of varmint had been squatting there. I pushed my kids on the home-made tire swing. Papa showed us his latest taxidermy (giant caribou antlers from his recent big-game hunting trip to Alaska).
I cherish times like this.

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I'm a Texan. said...

Your kids are going to love those memories. How cool.