Wednesday, April 15, 2009


When we began having children, we got serious about developing traditions for our family. Easter is one of my favorites. Well, until this year....
Creighton and I were involved in campus ministry which had us on the university calendar: Fall/Winter/Spring.
This year, because we both work in local churches, we are now on the umm liturgical calendar: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ordinary time, etc.

Since Canon was 1, we have spent Easter with my dad. The kids look forward to it every year because Dad takes them fishing, takes them for rides on the horse or the tractor or on the feed truck. Kimaw (his wife) hides what feels like hundreds of candy filled eggs all around the front and back yards. The kids spend half an hour at the break of dawn searching every crack and crevice for eggs. We attend worship at their charming traditional Methodist church and then come home to an enormous Easter feast.

we were unable, this year, to go to the ranch.

Here is what Easter weekend looked like this year:

Mom worked all day on Saturday.
The kids had a "play date" with our Jewish friends on Sunday morning.
Bethany (our nanny) fixed lunch and put kids down for an afternoon nap.
Creighton and I raced to the grocery to pick up some plastic eggs. Filled them with goodies and busted into the house shouting, "Who wants to have an egg hunt?!"

It was nasty outside so our egg hunt lasted about 3.5 minutes (living room, dining room, kitchen).

Improvising, we told the children that we were going to take them to a movie. What a great idea to tuck away for future Easter activities! We saw Aliens vs. Monsters. The kids loved it.

It is what it is, you know? We made the best of it. Turned out beautifully.

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