Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo ideas for staff pics

I need ideas for our department staff photos. The plan is to display framed pics in our office. I want them to look Cool-artsy-modern and a little bit tekky.
My friend Jeff is our fotog. We are trying to think of a unique way to shoot (ie. we experimented with a fish eye lens). Or something fun perhaps in post production.

Here is one of his initial ideas:
Don't mind the font - we will go with something different

It reminds me of the A-HA "Take On Me" MTV video.


Janelle said...

I can see how it would remind you of the Take on Me video, but there was also something a little scary about that video. I want to feel that my tekky friends have 3 dimensions.

I like that background, though. And the coffee in hand. You could have your coffee, Dave could have his iphone (as if that's even an option), Frank could have some sort of power tool, Paul would have his helmet, etc..

Brandon G. said...

You could try this technique:

Chels said...

I don't know anything about techy, modern fotog business, but I do know one thing. You are one hot mama.
Love you representing the Bux. Venti no water Chai, coming right up. :)

ziondreamer said...

I love the fire photo!
Have you tried it?

May not work for our staff headshots :) but it's awesome!