Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It is funny how discipline in one area of life is an influence for other areas.

For the past week, Creighton and I have been working out everyday. We started P90X, a 90 day extreme fitness program (Stay tuned for day 1,30,60,90 photos which will be posted on this blog).

For the past few days, I have caught myself making healthier food choices. I have been drinking water way more than usual and have started taking vitamins again. I have chosen green tea over coffee since Sunday. And today I randomly picked up an apple and ate it (something I have probably only done *none* other times in my life).

Consistency from working out to eating more healthy - that's not much of a stretch. But I have also had more discipline with bible study this week - hungry for God's word.

This is a phenomenon I have experienced numerous other times in my life, yet somehow I always forget about it.

I am excited about the upcoming 90 days. Not only because of the rockin'bod I will have on June 15th, but because of the growth I expect to experience emotionally and spiritually.

Lord, I pray for a renewed commitment to you. Help me prioritize health and wholeness. I give you my body, my mind and my heart. Help me be faithful with the time you have given me.


Chels said...

Amen, Nik. Amen.

I can't wait to see the pics... Although, honestly, I'm not sure how you could get any hotter... :)

steve and randel hambrick said...

you ALREADY have a rockin' bod... i'm not sure i can be your friend if you have no muffin top... (not that you ever really did)