Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our first fracture

Canon fractured three metatarsal bones in his foot Saturday.

He and his friend were laughing and chasing each other around in the living room. I distinctly remember saying, "kids, y'all chill out because....", and right before I could finish the sentence, Canon's friend grabbed his right foot. His body came crashing down onto his left foot, breaking the tree middle bones just behind his toes.

The child screamed and cried for about an hour. I had little compassion in the situation. He has a flair for the dramatic, and I have a "get up and get back out there" attitude when it comes to injuries and pain.

I told him he was ok. We iced it, and I sent him upstairs to lay down and rest. Told him to take it easy the rest of the evening (he dutifully played star wars legos on PS2 till bedtime).

I realized it may be a sprain of some sort when he woke up Sunday morning and it was swollen like a puffer fish. I continued to ice it and encourage him to rest. But still had no intention to take him to the doctor.

Finally on Monday, Creighton urged me to take him to get an x-ray. I straight told him that was unnecessary. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: "It is a sprain, he will be fine in a couple of days"
Him: "You don't know that, it could be broken"
Me: "I bet you TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS that we are going to get there and the Doc is going to charge us $120 and send us home with some advil"
Him: "This is your son, Nikki. You need to get it checked out."
Me: "Creighton, he is going to be fine, he just needs to lay off of it for a couple of days"
Him:"Nikki, you are not a doctor, and you are going to feel terrible if it is broken"
Me: "SSSIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHH, Ok, I will take him"

You can imagine the humility with which I made the phonecall to inform Creighton of the news.

Him: "hello?"
Me: "hi"
Him: "Well..."
Me: You were right. I was wrong. It's broken. I'm sorry.
Him: "Aagh, that's ok. I'm just excited that I get to think of ways for you to work off that ten thousand dollars!

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Chels said...

Oh my gosh, my poor baby, Canon!!! I cannot believe his FOOT is broken!! See, I'm the opposite of you, Nik... When Laila has a hangnail, I'm going to have to call you for moral support... :)