Sunday, September 28, 2008


My dad is a trip - - in a good way.

I have chronicled, in years past, some of his axioms: Deward-isms.
Recently our conversations have revolved around the topic of money and more specifically, real estate purchases.

So here are some Deward-isms of late:

"You make your money in the details."
"I didn't get to where I am today by paying people full price."
And my personal favorite:
"I'm not buying anything today unless I am paying fifty cents on the dollar."

Perhaps you have a "dad-ism" you'd like to share....


DB said...

I think my favorite of all times is "pull your head out!" I just don't understand where he thinks my head might have been. (butt, I have a good idea) :)

ziondreamer said...

Well, there are some dewardisms that should be left unrepeated.

Some others I do like though are:
Far Over!
Geeee-many Whiz Christmas
Stink Pickle
Pretty slick sonofabitch

and so on and so forth....

Chelsea said...

My dad says, "Good Gosh Almighty!!" and "Dadgummit!!"

Another one that will always be attributed to my dad is, "Set a goal!!" USed to drive me crazy, drives Clay crazy... but, dadgummit, it's good advice.

While playing sports growing up, my dad's catch phrase was "Be aggressive!" This definitely applied in Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, etc... but I think he was so committed to aggressiveness, he would have said it even if I had been into croquet or badmitton (sp?). It all started when I played 5 year old soccer and dribbled through a group of kids from the other team saying, "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me." From that moment on, he felt it was important to remind me to be aggressive! :-) Man, I love that guy.