Friday, September 5, 2008

The List

Tony Steward (one of the guys at put together this list. He writes:

I think most of us know at least 10 things that if we did them every day or week they would change our lives for the better. So, I wrote out this list last night of 20 rules. A checklist of actions (or inaction) that I know will make me healthier and change my life for the better. Here is my list, but what is yours (it doesn’t have to be 20 :) ? If you write a list, post the link from your blog in the comments section below!

1. In bed by 10:30pm
2. Wake up 6am
3. No soda, water at meals
4. 1 coffee a day (limit)
5. No cheese
6. Very 1st thing each day, quiet time in bible, prayer, etc.
7. 2nd thing of each day 1hr of exercise.
8. Play/Read with my children every day
9. Have an engaging conversation with my wife every day
10. Do a GTD weekly Review each week and a Daily Review each day.
11. Read 1 book a week.
12. Have one day a week that is completely “dark” (devoid of electronics and internet).
13. Never work aimlessly. Either act, review or plan. (or play)
14. Study, Fast or spend time in solitude once a week.
15. Have a Family Meeting once a week on things like budget, schedules, and goals.
16. Access email only at 3 “batch” times a day and RSS Feeds 1 a day.
17. Do 1 household chore a day. (instead of letting them accumulate for my “dark day”)
18. Always eat breakfast
19. 1 date night a week with either my wife or one of my kids
20. Write every day (journal-ing doesn’t count)

Other people had some really great additions. This is the list I posted.

1. Clean my kitchen every night (shine the kitchen sink)
2. Pray and sing a lullaby with my children every night
3. Go to bed with my husband and not at separate times
4. Read before bed
5. 10 minutes of yoga with children in the morning, end with morning prayer and blesssing
6. Make sure everyone gets a vitamin in the morning - take with water
7. (My husband makes sure the kids eat a “brain-food” breakfast every morning)
8. Unlike those of you with clearly more self control - - I text, email and check facebook 63 times a day.

Certainly my list doesn't happen EVERY day - but more often than not, I'd say. Plus there is the prayer/bible study/meditation/worship stuff that weaves in and out of my daily routine.
There are, of course, many other things I wish I did regularly that didn't make my list. That is another list for another day.

What are your daily rules or habits that keep your life moving in the right direction?

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