Friday, September 5, 2008

Phone Etiquette

My new job in KC has me on a two hour round trip commute - which means I now have two hours a day to catch up with old friends. This is a wonderful gift (considering the circumstances), but in this transition, I have become aware of how much of my day is spent on my phone.
Besides the fact that I am going deaf in my left ear, I would not see this as a problem. Except for one thing.

When I am on the phone, people somehow transform into scenery.

I stop for coffee or a sonic-bev everyday. I stay on the phone. I run through the Chick-fil-A drive thru. I stay on the phone. I go through the toll booth. I stay on the phone. I make a deposit at the bank. I stay on the phone.

What is that about? I have been going through my days ignoring people, real people who I otherwise would be interacting with, because I am deep in conversation on my phone.

No more, "How are you today?", "Thank you for my coffee - have a great day!", "Keep the change - have a great day!"....etc.

Now, I just keep on chatting about kids nutrition with my friend Allyson, Names for a new church plant with my friend Randel, daycare and transitions with my friend Staci, and family stuff with my sister.

I literally can't recall a greeting or a 'thank you' or even an eye to eye look with any of these service providers I rely on each and every day.

People are precious, and I need to communicate that to them - YOU DO TOO! You probably don't have this problem. But in case you do - let's commit together to:

1. Wait to get on the phone till after we get coffee
2. If already on the phone, say to the caller, "Hold on just a sec while I get my coffee...."
3. Connect eye to eye with the person we interact with whether at the bank or the toll booth, the grocery or the drive-thru....

Let's show them that they are people - not scenery!


steve and randel hambrick said...

ok, i'll make you talk to the cashier next time. :)

you're right, though. we should all stay mindful of others as we live life, honoring them along the way.

Dana said...

Good observation! I have been trying to make sure to focus on people. To make them feel important (cuz they are!).

Anonymous said...

Nikki - Thanks for the thoughts and the tip. It is a good reminder :)

Andrew Conard

ziondreamer said...

Boobs and iphones - - that's what get's you people out to chat!