Monday, August 25, 2008

A hair-cut, a lost tooth, and just plain sassy

Can't believe how big my kiddos are!
Creighton finally convinced me to get Cosmo a "big-boy" haircut. He looks so different! Such a big guy. Canon lost his two bottom teeth last year during kindergarten. The two up top are on their way out. He lost one yesterday, and I am sure the other one will be out by this evening. Then there is Whitby. The spunk and life and pure-sassy just exudes from her pores. That's my girl.

Canon 6
Whitby 4
Cosmo 2 (almost 3)


Steven and Elizabeth Schindler said...

Oh my gosh these kids are gorgeous and huge. Wow. It's so awesome to watch them grow, even from afar!

steve and randel hambrick said...

OMG. COSMO is practically grown! what the heck? the haircut TOTALLY made a difference.
Give those sassy kids a hug from aunt randel :)

Chelsea said...

I can't believe Cos' hair!
I miss these monkeys so much!

I make a motion for Oklahoma to move North so that Kansas can move South. :-)