Monday, August 18, 2008

2 down, one to go?

In a previous post, titled "bad mommy", I lamented the fact that I witnessed Canon get attacked by a vicious, killer family dog.
Took it in the face.
Still makes me angry....
Well, you can imagine my shock when we went to dinner at some friends house and their dog BIT WHITBY!
This is a fussy dog anyway (it bit me on the leg one time), and Creighton (somehow always able to foresee catastrophe), almost asked the owner to kennel the dog while the kids were around. Alas, he did not ask (and is kicking himself now).
So, immediately following the group dinner prayer, the dog ran over to Whitby and took a chuck out of her back.
The next half hour, as you may imagine, was quite awkward.

Two dog bites in a month - - Bizarre, huh??

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