Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two hours of solace and guilt

I had a dreamy morning. Went to Borders bookstore looking for a specific book on media. Didn't find the book, but continued to browse. And browse, and browse.

For two hours I poked around at Borders. I learned more about Frank Lloyd Wright (who I have always admired from an artistic visionary standpoint). I skimmed some parenting books and got overwhelmed by my lack of parenting skills. Discovered that there is a whole section on magic and metaphysical. Loitered in the children's section, wondering where to take my kids next in literary discovery. I read forewards of books I have wanted to start but havn't: Good to Great, The world without us, Glass Houses, and Freakonomics. I coveted calendars and stationary and journals - none of which I use nearly enough.

Then upon heading out. I took a deep breath and the reality of how much I need to get done today hit me. So for those two blissful hours, I rested in intellectual stimulation and uninterrupted introversion. Then I got in my car and made a guilt-ridden mad dash back to my list of tasks and chores for the day and for the weekend, for my kids and for my dogs, for my house and my job....

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