Monday, August 4, 2008

Willow Creek: Leadership Summit

I am excited about this year's Willow Creek Leadership Summit. Church of the Resurrection is a satellite location.

Creighton and I have attended the summit at COR since we have lived in Kansas. It is something we decided to carve out time for every year because we gain so much from it. And we always walk away with so many valuable lessons.

I joined Amway once.

I joined because the person "presenting the plan" to me was strong and compelling. Assured me I would make millions. Clearly, I didn't make millions, nor did I make one dollar, nor did I make one phone call to recruit others in.
However, there is one thing that "my sponsor" and everyone in "my upline" did and modeled which I will never forget. They were frequently listening to motivational tapes (it was a long time ago when there were such things as tapes). At least once a week, my sponsor would hand me a tape and say, "you gotta listen to this, it will just get you fired up". And when I listened, I got fired up. Soon I stopped listening, and soon I fizzled out. You guessed it, my career as a multi-level-marketer ended after a few short months.

My point?

Well, I learned from Amway that if I want to be successful, I need to learn from the successful. I really understand the value of staying connected and engaged and plugged in, particularly with the people who have gone before me - people who have paved the way.

In this case: Leadership.
Leaders show wisdom and maturity when they seek counsel from those who have gone before them.
And that is why I go to Leadership Summit.
I want to be a great leader. I want to learn from great leaders. I want to soak up their knowledge and experience. I always leave the Summit fired up! Then, after a few short months, I begin to forget.
For me, the Summit has become a vital part of my growth as a leader (and as a mom and wife and citizen). And I can't wait till Thursday!

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