Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on AXIOM

Man, I have not been that much of a fan of Bill Hybels in the past. (Probably because of my connection to "emergent" for the past ten years and its anti-mega-church ideals). But this guy has some wisdom.
I love the season he is in right now. He truly wants to build leaders and resource visionaries. He inspires me to keep moving, keep dreaming, keep producing, keep pressing on.

I am a visual person - so I love how he describes vision:

The crispest articulation of vision is that it's a "picture of the future that produces passion in people".
He says that when you have eyes to see the vision that God has given you, you'll know it because your heart will feel it so deeply that, over time, any lingering uncertainty will vanish. "Leaders", he says, "Don't ever apologize for the strength of vision that God has put into your life...Paint your God-given vision for family, friends, colleagues, and total strangers, if they will listen. Paint it as colorfully and passionately as you can! Just get it painted so that people's hearts are stirred enough to shout - Count me in!"

Readers, I want to know what God has called you to! Will you paint a picture of your vision for me?

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Chelsea said...

There are so many, Nik. Sometimes I wonder if there are too many. Can they all be "God-given"? Can they coexist simultaneously?

But, above all, I know that I am called to pastor. YOU were one of the first people who told me that and I am feeling it so acutely these days. This is what I was created to do and I've figured out that coaching, in so many ways, is pastoring. Man, it's tough sometimes... and there are some fuzzy, gray, uncomfortable places but I have great vision for becoming God's coach for SMU equestrians who didn't even know they were searching for Him.

I wonder how long this will be my place? I wonder if I will be able to coach and have a baby. I wonder if they'll ever make me full time.

I don't wonder if I'm in the right place, though. I'm sure that, at least for this moment in time, I'm a Coach.