Friday, August 29, 2008

IT: Final

So I went ahead and finished the IT book, by Craig Grochel. He actually did have some good things to say. The main thing I have taken away from this book is that Churches and communitites that have "IT" have common qualities though they may not look anything alike outwardly.
My friend Randel clearly stated the main quality, "i'm convinced that "it" is the PRESENCE of God. been to too many churches without it, and been to a few with it. will not settle for less anymore.
doesn't ultimately matter if everything is trendy, the newest formula, or pretty- if HE isn't present, it doesn't do anything but entertain me for an hour."
Well said.
Other indicators, Grochel contends include humility, team camaraderie, a laser focused vision, "kingdom-mindedness" and hearts focused outward.

Nikki walks up to the soapbox podium - re: hearts focused outward.

My patience is wearing thin for communities and churches who are so focused on themselves and what they don't have and how they're not being fed and how they used to do it and how this won't work because (fill in the blank). These communities are stuck in small thinking and a scarcity mentality that keeps them limping and lame. When we take our focus off of ourselves and our lack, God gives us to-the-moon sized dreams and possibilities. Our God is not small or ordinary or powerless. Neither should our dreams be. Niether should our communities be!

Pastor Adam Hamilton, my Sr. Pastor at Church of the Resurrection, spoke at our staff chapel this past Thursday. He talked about his goal to gather together pastors of influence in our denomination to lock arms for positive change. He has had multiple meetings with some key leaders to encourage and inspire them toward this effort. I love it! I'm so proud to be connected to a church who dares to dream big and to stretch their arms out into community and into the world because our God is big and extraordinary and limitless!