Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More on IT

Eh. I think I'm done with "IT".

Craig Grochel was great at the Willow Leadership Summit. I bought his book because he makes a great observation that there are some churches that have "it" and some that clearly don't.
I am about half way through the book and I'm not sure it's worth finishing.

Craig is a bit schticky, trying too hard to be funny, approachable and relevant. While he makes some good points, and profiles some successful pastors, I think there are other books I need to put on my nightstand right now.

My next purchase: Surprised by hope - N.T. Wright

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Wes said...

...hey there, dear lady!

...read all you can of Henri

...and N.T. Wright, who, I think, wrote "Surprised by Hope"

...it is WELL worth the read

...so are all the works of Richard Rohr...just finishing "Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality"...has deeply impacted my soul