Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chasing Coyotes

Tonight I watched my husband take off across a field chasing 2 grown coyotes on foot. There are many things I enjoy about Creighton but his zeal for an impromptu adventure is so fun. Here's how the scene goes down. Creighton turns off the headlights of the car, and drives up to the varmints' suspected location. He waits - and watches - and quietly exits the car. He walks up just to the edge of some brush cover, and stands there, no movement except for the steam of his breath on this 17 degree night.
Suddenly, he spots what we assume is to be dinner for the coyotes - a cottontail. The bunny, spooked by Creighton's presence but counting the cost, runs toward Creighton rather than away.
Then he spots them, a deadly duo surrounding their prey. One creeps up toward the brush, the other tactically flanks around back.
Creighton looks at me and says, "ready?" As if he was expecting me to join the chase. "Go for it" I respond. He takes off at top speed with a he-man growl and those coyotes rocket from their positions, immediately falling out of sight. Those things can book it!
I suppose they called off the hunt for the night. I would be surprised if they did not soil themselves.
I love Creighton Alexander.


Anonymous said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing :) I can imagine it...

Andrew Conard

Wes said...

...and we too love Creighton Alexander

...and Nikki Alexander

...and their three munchkins

...yes we do!!!!!!!