Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love notes

What a great evening. I got to the coffee house at 5:30 today. My KU womens bible study is at 9. So I enjoyed an entire evening of alone time to study and daydream and look at books and drink coffee and surf the web - - oh, and also work some.
I perused the stationary section for about 30 minutes. Purchased some Georgia O'Keefe greeting cards which I shared with my small group tonight when they arrived. We took time at the beginning of our group to write a love-note. I do this once or twice a semester. It is important, in these busy times, to pause to remember family and friends. I encourage my groups to regularly send handwritten notes to their parents and grandparents, and to friends old and new. By doing this, we take our minds (if even momentarily) off of ourselves and onto another as we express thoughts of encouragement or thanks or just, "hey, I am thinking of you".
I wrote to my friend Rebecca (Bookout) Jackson. She grew up in a nearby town. We weren't friends in high school. I played basketball against her sister Caroline, so that made us rivals by default. Creighton knew Rebecca well in college at Texas Tech. The two of them led music for a weekly bible study called "All Greek".
Rebecca and I didn't become friends, really, until she and her husband moved to the Dallas area in 1999. Coincidentally, I was starting a worship service at Highland Park United Methodist Church and I needed a worship band. Rebecca's band all recently moved to the metroplex, so in one phone call, I had procured an entire worship band. It was great.
Even greater than that, I asked Rebecca to be my assistant. Those days were so dreamy. Not only did I have an assistant, which I have never had since, but she and I became fast friends. We got along so well. We made a great team (at least I think we did - I suppose I should ask her someday if she thinks so).
Even after we all moved on from Highland Park UMC, we remained friends.
The highlight of our friendship, was sharing something so beautiful as pregnancy. I was pregnant with Whitby and she was pregnant with Will. We had the same baby doctor; and even went to the hospital the same day.
A few short months afterward, Rebecca and Richard and baby Will moved to Nashville TN. They had their second little one over a year ago now - Julianna. We have seen the Jacksons only a few times since, but they will always remain precious to me and I will consider Rebecca one of my dearest friends.

The reason I wrote this post is because I want to do an experiment. I always tell people that when we think, speak or write things that are life-giving, it is a breath of life for our own sould. That's why writing notes and cards to people is balm for our own hearts. Sounds cheesy I know.
So here is my experiment: I am going to write one love note every day from now till Valentines Day, then assess at the end of that time, if I am a happier, healthier, nicer person. OOOORRR if I am simply full of crap.

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