Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pro-life democrat

I guess I just have to say it like this. I am a pro-life Democrat. The ONLY thing I have a red flag about with Obama is his full-monty stance on abortion and embryonic stem cell research.
My friend asked me, "Is that not a deal-breaker for you?"
I have thought a lot about that question. Either way I answer on that one issue, is a lose. And actually there is no good answer to the abortion question (in regard to how it is legislated and by whom).
I am definitely more in line with Barack that I am with John McCain. Poverty, civil and equal rights, environment and for sure health care. The glitch is abortion.
Am I selling out?

1 comment:

Wes said...'re not selling out

...and neither am I

...there is no perfect candidate


...there is a best one

...and it's Senator Obama