Friday, February 8, 2008

Love notes III

Man it's great - thinking and writing to friends is what I need right now because otherwise I am so self-centered!
Today I wrote a love note to my hero. My sister.
Dana Kaye Abla will forever be my favorite person on the planet (besides my husband, of course). I admire my sister so very much. She is a provider, a planner, a fighter, and a friend. Her devotion to Jesus is beautiful. Her loyalty to family is unmatched.
I literally call her about 4 times a day.
When our mom became sick, Dana stepped right up to take care of her. By default, Dana inherited the responsibility of taking care of my grandmother as well. Hospital and doctor visits, cleaning house, shopping, paying bills, cooking, etc. Dana did it all. She was large and in charge.
I flew home once a month for about a year toward the end of mom's life. Each time I was there, I felt more clueless and more helpless about how to handle everything. But I rested in the fact that my sister was there and knew what to do (and if she didn't know, she kicked doors down figuring it out). I would have felt lost without her.
Even now, I would feel lost without her. Dana is a source of security for me. She is so much like my mom.
My heart shattered when mom died. Dana doesn't even know that everyday, she goes around filling in the cracks.

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