Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Home On The Range

We listed our house last week. I had a showing on Sunday and one on Wednesday. I am very excited about the possibility of selling my house.
Why are you selling your house, you ask?
Since before we moved to Kansas, I have wanted to find a place out in the country (just 5 or 10 acres) where my children can explore and catch frogs and fireflies, build bon-fires and do fireworks. Somehow I got talked into the house I am in. Don't get me wrong - my house is great. It's a blessing and I like it a lot.
But there is this desire inside, to get back to country living (reference my Thanksgiving post, "Papa's ranch" from 12-9-07), and it is not going away.
So...periodic updates will come about our progress on getting home on the range.

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