Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, FINALLY I have started my ordination process. I decided 6 years ago to pursue ordination and lurched stop and go - on and off. Started, filled out some papers, responded to some important questions, got interviewed by a committee of other pastors. Had a baby, started again. Lost track. Had another baby. Started again. Was assigned an ancient retired pastor as my first mentor (bless his heart). Lost interest. Had another baby. Started again. Was assigned a new mentor pastor. Theeeennn, decided to move to Kansas.
Well, I invited a pastor friend over one evening for coffee. We sat on the back porch and with one question, she jump-started my laxidasical attitude toward the whole affair. She said, "Nikki, I have been praying for you and really feel like I need to push you on something. Where are you with ordination?"
Wow, how great is that? It is exactly what I needed at that moment to get going. (I could write 14 posts about why I needed a kick in the pants).

So, Sunday the 9th I have my first meeting toward the goal of completing this assignment I began so long ago.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. I hope that things go well and you feel God's direction.

Andrew Conard