Friday, February 8, 2008

Love notes IV

I wrote to my friend Laura Steele. Laura was my first real - for real - best friend. We met at a summer camp at which we were both camp counselors. We talked the entire way home on the bus from Colorado and were joined at the hip ever since. She moved in with me and we shared a room, clothes, a car and practically everything else for the next two years.
We have been through everything together. We even stood next to each other in our 1995 graduating class of 800+ students at Texas Tech (Steele and Strong - the person in between us didn't show up).
This is truly someone I would trust with my life. I love her like my own soul. AND - we are so much alike in heart and style and personality. We complete each other's sentences.
Something has happened recently that has astounded me. Laura has moved to a new level in awesomness. She stopped her full-time work as a children's pastor (the absolute best children's pastor I have ever witnessed). She has gotten totally organized and on the ball. I still can not even locate my ball half the time. This girl is now home-schooling her three children (a feat which I admire and would love to attempt, but for the fear that I will totally irrevocably screw up my kids brains). And get this, she has become certified as a potential 'foster to adopt' parent and is awaiting 1,2 or 3 children to add to the mix. Adoption is something I have given lip service to since my teens. But to this point, I have not done anything about it.
Laura has inspired me toward reaching higher as a mom, a minister, a wife and a friend.

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