Friday, February 8, 2008

Love notes II

Today I wrote a love note to my friend Heather Anne Card. Heather and I have now known each other for 15+ years. We lived together at the Lighthouse (Heather's parents are the Bakers - who are as dear as my own parents to me). Heather is an amazing woman of God. She is sensitive and strong, holy and hilarious, and impeccably detail oriented (which I totally respect because I am not detailed). Oh, and by the way she is drop-dead gorgeous at 5'9" and 120 lbs - - soft china-doll skin and thick golden-brown hair.
Heather and Jonathan have now had two lovely daughters, Ellis Anne and Seely Grace.
I admire Heather for her tenacity and loyalty. I respect her structured style, her purity and love for Jesus, her authenticity and honesty (in matters of faith and struggle), her sense of humor which includes the ability to role-play. Anyone who will role play with me on the fly is in my top-tier for sure :)
I am a better person because of Heather Anne. God has blessed me with such a rich friendship.

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Wes said... your current blogging rift you five!!!!!