Friday, February 15, 2008

Love notes - in conclusion

I conclude my Love notes segment with this. I am so tied up in my own little stuff that I find it difficult to set aside even 10 minutes to write a note to a friend - - not to mention write a note to someone who really might need some encouragement. People cross my mind all the time but I rarely do anything about it apart from throwing up a little prayer for them.
I want to work on being a better friend. Not that writing notes makes me a better friend. There is SO much more that goes into that!! But staying connected is important! Especially now that I live in the boonies...
I am inspired by my friend Wes Roberts. Even though he is frankly is a very busy man, he always makes time to send handmade notes for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Of all the ways I hope to be like Wes, that is one of them. :)
Anyhoo, this was a nice little personal experiment.

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steve and randel hambrick said...

WHAT??!!?? you stop before you get to me?? UNFAIR. :(